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Get Involved

Join us in making a difference in the lives of immigrant youth in the Inland Empire! Explore

hands-on opportunities, from volunteering to fundraising, and be an essential part of driving real change in our community.


Share Your Story

Step into the spotlight and let your story shine! Do you have a remarkable journey, a moment of triumph, or a tale of resilience that has shaped who you are today? We are eager to hear the unique narratives that make our community vibrant. Share your narrative with us—we're ready to celebrate your journey!

Become an Ally

Become a champion for immigrant rights by signing up to engage in impactful actions with organizations like SDA, H4A, and GOTV. If you're a school educator, counselor, or administrator, your support is crucial for the undocumented students in your school—sign up to make a meaningful difference. Professionals and businesses, join us in fostering a supportive environment for immigrant youth by signing up to provide in-kind donations or services. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, helps create a more inclusive and supportive community for those seeking a better future. Take action now and be a part of the positive change!

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Embark on a journey with us as you fulfill your Dream Act Service Incentive Grant (DSIG) hours. We offer a rewarding and impactful environment where you can make a positive difference. Your participation not only helps you meet your DSIG requirements but also contributes to meaningful initiatives that shape our community. Join us in creating lasting change and gaining valuable experiences as you work towards your goals. Ready to turn your Dream Act hours into a transformative experience? Join us today.


In the spirit of collective goodwill, every small gesture holds the potential to make a significant impact. Your generosity, no matter the size, is a beacon of hope and support. If you find it within your means to contribute, rest assured that your donation will be utilized thoughtfully and effectively, amplifying its positive influence. Your act of kindness, whether big or small, plays a vital role in making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, let's turn the power of each small contribution into a force for positive change. Donate today and become a part of something truly impactful!

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We're hiring! IEIYC is looking for a Storyteller and Grants Manager, who will take on significant responsibility for strategy and execution of two operations: Communications and Grant Writing.  This is a new role and the ideal candidate will refine and amplify our narrative to our community, partners, and funders. 

The Truth in Numbers

1 in 6

Adults in CA from Immigrant Familiies Reported Avoiding
Food Benefits

in 2019.


Overall 34% of CA's immigrants have

not completed high school, compared with 8%

of CA US-Born Residents.

1 Million

As of 2016, nearly

one million immigrants live in the Inland Empire. From 2005 to 2016 the immigrant population in the Inland Empire grew by nearly 145,000 residents.

1 in 5

1 in 5 residents living in the Inland Empire are immigrants.  Migration has been a central aspect of the region for centuries.



Only 16% of immigrants from 

Riverside County

and 18% from San Bernardino County obtain a 4-year degree, compared to 27% of immigrants statewide. 

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