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About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2010, the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective creates a safe space for immigrant youth to express themselves and achieve their full potential, and identity that intersects with being undocumented. Through grassroots organizing, our mission is to engage youth to gain equal access to higher education and professional development and to seek justice for the immigrant community by empowering those most impacted by unjust policies.


Our approach to these objectives is grounded in:

  • Community Building

  • Youth Development

  • Creativity and Artistic Expression

  • Healing and Restorative Justice

  • Civic Participation and Political Education

Our Vision

To empower youth through a region focused lens to achieve social equality, dignity, inclusivity, and respect.


Click on the links below to see our roots and timeline over the years!



Angel Fajardo


Angel Fajardo was born in Mexico D.F. and grew up in the Inland Empire; she graduated from University of California Riverside with a degree in Global Studies. Angel has organized with non-profits in the region for nearly a decade and she oversees all organization functions, community engagement strategies, fundraising, and program implementation. As the Executive Director, of the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective (IE-IYC), she believes that building youth power and wellness is essential to create a community in which all people, regardless of status, ethnicity, or class, can live with dignity, inclusivity, and respect.

Milagros Diaz

Office Manager

Hello community! My name is Milagros Diaz and I have been the office manager of Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective since January 2023. I moved from Peru and I started working at IEIYC through an internship program and I cannot feel more happier, grateful and blessed to serve and represent the community of the Inland Empire and beyond. I have been living in the United States for more than twenty years and I decided to restart my education when I first went to Riverside Adult School. This school drove me to obtain my GED, and then to continue studying in a community college to obtain associate degrees of Social and Behavioral Studies and Administration and Information Systems at Riverside Community College - RCC. Obtaining these associate degrees let me to be transferred to UCR - University of California, Riverside in 2020. In UCR, I participated in the Butterfly project intern program the semester before my graduation. Finally, I graduated in June 2022 with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration concentrating in Accounting and Auditing.

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Alma Trejo

Campaign Director

Alma was born in Mexico City and migrated to the United States in 1999 when she was 11 years old. Ever since then, Alma has called the Inland Empire her home. From a very young age, Alma developed a passion for social justice but it was not until she was an undergraduate student at California State University, Los Angeles that she learned the power of organizing when she joined the AB540 student group on campus. This experience led her to do critical political and workforce development work with labor and community organizations all over Southern California. Throughout her work, she has always prioritized and continues to prioritize the safety and empowerment of our immigrant communities in the Inland Empire. Alma holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Sociology from California State University, Los Angeles. Outside of work, Alma enjoys spending time with her loved ones and caring for her mischievous cats.

Jennifer Madrigal

Outreach Lead

Jennifer Madrigal is an Outreach Lead at IEIYC, bringing her expertise in Environmental Science and a strong commitment to community education and empowerment. As a first-generation college student, Jennifer is currently pursuing her Associate Degree in Environmental Science at Riverside Community College (RCC).Jennifer joined the IEIYC team in August of 2022, as a member of the Covid Community Health Project (CCHP) team. Her dedication and passion for community engagement have led to her recent promotion as Outreach Lead. In her new role, Jennifer spearheads the Save our Water (SOW), Extreme Heat (EH), Vaccinate ALL 58 (VA58), and ITIN campaigns, aiming to reach and educate the community while making vital resources accessible to all. With her passion for community outreach, Jennifer Madrigal is dedicated to making a lasting impact and fostering positive change in the IEIYC and beyond, advocating for environmental sustainability and community well-being.

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Karina Zepeda

Youth Program Coordinator

Karina Zepeda is the Youth Program Coordinator at the IEIYC. She was born in Queretaro, Mexico, and currently resides in the Inland Empire. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology in June 2023. She first got involved with the IEIYC in February 2021 as an UndocuHealth Ambassador and was a part of the Undocumented Mentorship Academy (UMA) cohort during the Summer of 2022. Her experiences with the IEIYC inspired her to continue this work. As someone who grew up in the Inland Empire, she is passionate about continuing the efforts to bring social justice and transformative change to our communities and create a safe space for the undocumented youth population.

Wendy Alba

Communications Fellow

Hi! I am Wendy and I am from San Diego, I recently received my bachelors degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Management focus at Cal Poly Pomona. Now I am pursuing a Master’s in Education and Dual Credential at the University of La Verne. I would love to combine my interests in marketing and education to create a positive impact on student’s lives and promote inclusive education practices.


Wendy Solis

SafetyNet 4 All Delegate

Hi! I’m Wendy Solis, the Political Advocate Fellow for the IEIYC. I am from the IE, a part of SoCal where the community stands together to fight for justice. I recently graduated from UC Riverside with a Bachelor's in Political Science and International Affairs with a Minor in Education. Currently, I am working with the IEIYC to help create safe spaces for our undocumented students within their schools. Education is power and it is something I advocate for everywhere I go. My experience leading up to my higher education was marked by several impactful events that have shaped me into who I am today. One of those events was being introduced to the IEIYC in 2017. That same year I was in the first-ever UMA Cohort that the IEIYC created and ever since that my life changed for the better. I’m now back as a fellow and ready to advocate for our community while also making a positive and lasting impact.

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