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Programs & Services

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Undocumented Mentorship Academy (UMA)

The Undocumented Mentorship Academy (UMA) is a project co-led by the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective (IE-IYC) & UMA mentors/femtors. Our purpose is to uplift and empower the voices of immigrant youth by providing a program where they can engage in their community and develop personal growth to become community leaders.

UMA was created by IEIYC in 2016 and has since successfully engaged over 65 UMA alumni who are now college students, graduates, professionals, and active community leaders in the region.

UMA provides a space for undocumented youth to enjoy mentorship opportunities and foster relationships with community leaders. UMA youth become civically engaged, express their creativity, enjoy healing activities, and build personal and professional development skills. Youth are awarded a stipend at the end of the program and often leave with meaningful experiences and connections.

"I feel more confident participating in complex conversations since I was able to share my ideas and most importantly learn from others. I see myself as someone collaborating with the community to offer any kind of support."

- UMA Program Participant

The Immigrant Youth Fellowships (IYF)

  • The Immigrant Youth Fellowships- Program is a
    15-week paid fellowship for first-generation, low-income immigrant and undocumented individuals to increase career and professional roles in social justice. This was the first Undocu-fellowship program in the Inland Empire launched in Fall 2023 to promote immigrant young adult’s well-being and social outcomes. 

  • Sustaining youth leadership in organizing and decision-making spaces.

  • Increasing youth involvement with agencies in the world as they mobilize and advocate within their communities.


The Office of Community Partnerships and
Strategic Communications (OCPSC)

General Meetings: IEIYC hosts quarterly themed general meetings that are open to the community and vary from more educational workshops to social/creative events. Meeting topics may include: KYR, Wellness, California Dream Act, DACA, Dia de Los Muertos.


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The Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC) manages the State’s highest priority community engagement and public awareness efforts including COVID-19 vaccines and climate justice: water conservation and extreme heat. The Office recognizes IEIYC as a reliable community-based organization to contribute to these efforts addressing health and social inequities.

School Partnerships: IEIYC has established strong partnerships and collaborations with local high Schools and colleges throughout its existence.

Our current partnerships include: 

  • Steering Committee Member with CASA @ Pitzer College  

  • Resource to Providing Opportunities Dreams and Education in Riverside (PODER) @ UC Riverside 

  • CHANGE Fellowship participants with the California University of Science and Medicine. Norte Vista Dreamers Club Advisors 

  • Recognized DSIG Organization for San Bernardino Valley College Dream Center, Undocumented Student Programs @ UC Riverside, and Cal State San Bernardino Dream Center 


Immigrant Justice Work

Shut Down Adelanto Coalition

The Shut Down Adelanto Coalition is a collective of over twenty organizations who have been working together since 2019 with the goal of achieving the just closure of the Adelanto Immigration Detention Center. The campaign focuses on “just transitioning” from a carceral industry to greener, more sustainable industries that center the detainees, the workers, and the High Desert residents.

Safety Net for All

The Safety Net for All Coalition is made up of over 120 immigrant & worker rights organizations across California. The goal is to organize around the passage of SB 227, which would fund and provide access to public unemployment benefits for all workers regardless of immigration status.

Get Out the Vote

IEIYC will participate in Get Out The Vote efforts for the first time in 2024. This is a new branch of growth stemming from our advocacy pillar. As the number of mixed status families continues to grow, we want to ensure they are aware of all different avenues they can take to change our region to a more immigrant friendly environment. If you are interested in volunteering or joining this effort please sign up to become an Ally. 

Health for All

The Health for All Campaign is an ongoing, decade-long campaign co-chaired by Health Access and California Immigrant Policy Center, and is composed of over 150 organizations statewide. The campaign organizes towards removing exclusions to health coverage to ensure all Californians can access care regardless of their immigration status. 

To join one of our programs or to learn more, visit our Contact Us page

and send us a message. 

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