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If you're an undocumented individual you still have rights!
You have rights at home, street, and the workplace. Here is what to know:

Your Rights at Home

Your Rights in the Street

Your Rights in the Workplace

Rights at Home

ICE or the police must have a warrant to enter your home. Therefore there are simple steps when dealing with this situation.

  1. Do not open the door

  2. Ask if they are ICE agents or police.

  3. If they are, ask if they have a warrant to enter your home.

  4. If they try to force their way in, then state, “I do not consent to this search, I demand to speak to a lawyer.”

Rights in the Street

When you're out on the street and you are stopped by the police, there are certain things to do and not to do.

  1. DO NOT run!

  2. You must stay calm

  3. You may ask if you're free to leave, if yes, then just walk away calmly. If not, they might ask for you to identify yourself, in some states you might need to give your name.

  4. You may stay silent, if you say anything, it may be used against you.

  5. If the police officer keeps you there and keeps interrogating you or wants to arrest you, you may ask for a lawyer.

Rights at Work

When you are at work and there is a raid there are certain actions to take.

  1. You must stay calm, and continue to do your job.

  2. If they approach you with questions you have the right to stay silent.

  3. Do not run! Just ask if you are allowed to leave, and calmly make your way out if allowed.

  4. If they want to detain you, you may ask for a lawyer.

If you want to know more about your rights visit:

If you come into contact with immigration enforcement in your community and you need help, The Emergency Response Network that the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ICIJ) created is for you. When you call, a responder will send a volunteer to your location to help oversee what is happening in your community. Their main focus is to make sure that your rights are not violated.


Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice 24/7 Hotline number:

The Emergency Response Network :  (909-361-4588)

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