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Wendy Solis


Hi! I’m Wendy Solis, the Political Advocate Fellow for the IEIYC. I am from the IE, a part of SoCal where the community stands together to fight for justice. I recently graduated from UC Riverside with a Bachelor's in Political Science and International Affairs with a Minor in Education. Currently, I am working with the IEIYC to help create safe spaces for our undocumented students within their schools. Education is power and it is something I advocate for everywhere I go. My experience leading up to my higher education was marked by several impactful events that have shaped me into who I am today.  One of those events was being introduced to the IEIYC in 2017. That same year I was in the first-ever UMA Cohort that the IEIYC created and ever since that my life changed for the better. I’m now back as a fellow and ready to advocate for our community while also making a positive and lasting impact.


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